Essay On Brand Loyalty

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The main concept of brand loyalty has been approached from three different factors which is behavioral, attitudinal and composite loyalty. The researchers have their own assumption or known as behavioral view which they assume that the loyalty of a guest toward a brand is based on the repeat transactions occur. The study of O’Malley (1988) show that this approach provides a more realistic picture on how well the brand is performing compare to other competitors. However, this approach have been criticized because unable to differentiate between spurious loyalty and true loyalty. In contrast, attitudinal loyalty is always emphasizing the psychological element of brand loyalty in the company such as commitment, preferences and other factors. While consideration of the attitudinal aspects of loyalty allows the researcher to distinguish brand loyalty from repeat buying because it focuses on consumer declarations rather than on actual purchases and thus may not be an accurate representation of reality. Besides that, composite approach is another approach considers as loyalty to be a biase...

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