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Beauty pageant have been a controversy for many years, so is the crown really worth it all the spray tan the flippers also known as fake teeth? Well believe it or not it is worth it. Beauty pageants are great for self-confidence and are tons of fun! According to ABC “It 's estimated that 250,000 children compete in more than 5,000 pageants in the United States each year.” I have competed in two pageants over the past year and I plan to compete in more. Nothing feels better than having that crown placed upon your head and getting to go up on stage in your dress. But why do people find beauty pageants so horrible, maybe it has something to do with the reality television show Toddlers and Tiaras this show shows the behind the scenes of child beauty pageants in a very over exaggerated way I think people forget that this is just television and not the real world. From my past experiences the toddlers love beauty pageants probably because it is just like playing dress up except with more rhinestones of course. People forget that beauty pageants are just a fun event that you compete in every now and then it 's not the beauty queen’s whole life. Many girls who compete in pageants are also involved in other sports and activities beauty pageants are just a little part of their life. Many beauty…show more content…
Pageants help girls with necessary skills needed to be outstanding in life like how to exercise, eat healthy, be able to present in front of people, how to help the community and even receive a college education. There are so many misconceptions about pageants and many of these misconceptions are made by people who have never competed in one once in their life. Pageants are a lot of fun and have many beneficial skills involved with them. I hope every girl gets the opportunity to compete in a pageant and learn all of the skills involved with
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