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FC Barcelona is one of the premier soccer clubs in the world. Many of the best players in history have donned the red and blue of Barcelona and made the Catalonian fans proud. As a team, they have won countless of trophies and triumphed over rivals. Much of their success can be credited to their renowned youth academy, La Maisa. It has brought countless of talented players such as Messi, Iniesta, and Puyol throughout the ranks of La Maisa, the youth academy. It was all started in 1899, after a man named Joan Gamper laid the foundation for FC Barcelona. After building up a respectable squad, they started to compete in their first competitions. After many years of competing in tournaments, they decided to create La Liga with 9 other teams. …show more content…

Currently, FC Barcelona is one of the most elite clubs in the world, and it is almost impossible to imagine a world where FC Barcelona is not considered the gold standard of a soccer team. They may seem unstoppable right now, but in 2003, Barcelona looked like it was about to fall apart. The Barcelona squad had not won the league since the 1998-99 season, and it looked as if they would never win it again. Also, they had just lost Rivaldo, their star player who had won the Ballon D’or during their most recent La Liga championship. Losing Rivaldo sunk the team’s morale and made Barcelona tremble with fear as an ominous season lurked around the corner, just waiting to be released and run over the decrepit Barcelona team. Barcelona needed a spark. Something or someone that could rejuvenated the bruised and battered team. Many fans were hoping for a brighter future, and the newly elected FC Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, had promised it in the form of the world class midfielder, David Beckham. Laporta was not the favorite in the election, but the Beckham promise swung the vote in his favor. The only problem was, Laporta knew that Beckham had already agreed to sign with Real

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