Franklin Foer's Book Review: How Soccer Explains The World

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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject and Code Date Book Review: How Soccer Explains the World Soccer is not seen like merely a game around the globe. People from all around the world seem to virtually integrate with the passion towards soccer. There is no denying that this sport is linked to the emotional, social and political aspects of life of a person. In his book, “How Soccer Explains the World”, Franklin Foer sheds light on all these facets by linking it with the concept of globalization. Soccer and globalization are both linked together by an American in this book for the Americans who are passionate about this game. Throughout his book, Foer has focused upon two theories: firstly, that world could be explained through soccer and secondly, …show more content…

Though the chapter has a lengthy description of the Glasgow rangers and the Protestant supporters as compared to the Catholic supporters, but still Foer has tremendously described the complexity of the relationships. Although Foer’s writing has been highly optimistic, but all the owners and soccer fans who Foer encounters depict a troubled world. When Foer goes to England, he meets one of the founding members of hooliganism in soccer, Alan Garrison. He belongs to the most violent, racist and the highly drunk sect of people who are soccer extremists. Garrison’s era of violence is finally crumbled when the prices of tickets increase and the people start preferring a family oriented environment. This change seemed to be very positive at the front but it also led to the elimination of a sub-culture that was vibrant in nature and hence, only a mega club was created which had chances of survival only in a globalized …show more content…

Quickly, soccer came to represent the fundamental tenets of yuppie parenting, the spirit of Sesame Street and Dr. Benjamin Spock. Unlike other sports, it would foster self-esteem, minimize the pain of competition while still teaching life lessons.” A very significant trend has been seen in the United States which is completely opposite that from the rest of the world. While people belonging to the middle and upper class played the game in United States, it is considered to be the game of the working class in other parts of the

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how franklin foer's book, "how soccer explains the world", explains that soccer is linked to the emotional, social and political aspects of life of a person.
  • Explains that globalization is a widely researched and discussed topic that has been defined from varying perspectives. proponents and critics agree on the link between capitalism and democracy.
  • Compares foer's book to the soccer men, where he travels through different countries while studying their societies in detail with regard to both soccer as well as globalization.
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