Essay On Airbrushing

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mostly associated with the media and their deception of a perfect body. Tracey Gold is a former actor from the sitcom Growing Pains. “Gold, who now speaks publicly on the subject of eating disorders, admits that her illness began around the age of seven when she became obsessed with achieving the media's definition of the ideal body” (Chittom and Finley). Tracey Gold is a perfect example of how media affects girls at such a young age. The same way they start off dreaming of being a princess, is the same outlook they have on achieving thinness like the models that ambush their lives daily. Airbrushing is a deceiving way to make young teenagers believe that models are flawless. “Advertisers often use airbrushing to make models or celebrities look younger, to alter the apparent weight of individuals, and to remove perceived physical imperfections” (Issitt). Many individuals don't know the people they dream having the bodies of are not actually how they appear to be due to airbrushing. A considerable amount of people go through plastic surgery to accomplish getting the ideal body. Using advertisements, airbrushing is a deceiving way to alter the appearances of individuals (Issitt). Several individuals try to obtain the bodies they see in advertisements, not knowing the images they are observing are not how the models look. Airbrushing has a huge influence on the models “beauty”. “Guillen and Barr's study further indicated that adolescent girls are the primary targets of much of this weight-loss advertising” (Issitt). Sadly, the market has no sympathy for young girls, trying to convince them that they are not as beautiful as they really are. Media hooks the minds of these girls by selling them beauty products to cover up their natura... ... middle of paper ... ...curvy, Latina actress America Ferrera in the role of Betty Suarez” (Chittom and Finley). The show captured a curvy Latina having great accomplishments in the fashion world despite her looks and appearance. By allowing the appearance of curvy woman, others would be able to accept themselves. Media has affected many aspects of society but it affects appearance the most. Teens are pressured to look fit and flawless due to the way the media portrays beauty. Photographs and videos are plastered in teenager’s lives to show them how they should appear, when the media should be focusing on how to show teens to accept themselves. Does society really need to flip a channel or open a magazine to feel beautiful or know that they are accepted? Fashion model Tyra Banks said it best when she stated “Women should understand that there is no such thing as standard beauty” (“About…”).
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