Essay On Afterlife

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The view of the afterlife is subject that everyone has thought when thinking of life. Many ponder on this when they are sick, up in age or had a “close call”. Certainly there are more reasons. However, the afterlife is thought of urgently during those times. Afterlife can be described as the life a person experiences after death on Earth. Many religions have mixed views and beliefs on the afterlife which will be discussed to shed light on this aspect of world religions.

It is a custom in the Sikh belief structure to concentrate their life’s journey on goodness and morals. They consciously live a life without concern, distress or fear of the afterlife. Muskti, which means liberation, is the ultimate objective in reaching oneness with
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The Qur’an communicates that Allah will resurrect his people on the Day of Judgment. The Day of Judgment consists of an account of a Muslims life and works. On this day, it is believed that the world will calamitously end. The afterlife consists of paradise and hell. Therefore, if a Muslim enters into the paradise, it means that God is extremely pleased with one’s life on Earth and the real awakening will transpire. Hell, on the other hand, is believed to be for unbelievers who lacks a contrite heart and have not accepted the Islamic faith. Hence, they will be tormented in…show more content…
In Judaism, the greater emphasis is on works and not faith as expressed in the Torah and Talmud. Heaven is likened to the hope of being reunited with departed descendants, joining with their people. Hell is paralleled to the punishment of being isolated from their people.

The Shinto religion is unique in that they practice both Shintoism and Buddhism, giving two potential afterlife pathways. The first and frequently common pathway to the afterlife in the Shinto belief is reincarnation. A more challenging pathway releases the eternal soul through enlightenment. In Buddhism, once awareness or enlightenment has been accomplished, then one will enter nirvana. Therefore, only after death will one be either reincarnated or access nirvana

In Daoism, the afterlife consists of two perspectives of faith, which is the steadfast Toa. Death is the conversion from being to non-being. It is shifting from yang and
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