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It is so hard to become a rapper. But it is harder to become a Great Rapper. I believe Tupac is a great rapper. Not only a great rapper, but the greatest rapper. Like Snoop Dogg had said, “Tupac was many different things at once. Hardheaded and intellectual, courageous and afraid, revolutionary and….oh yeah, don’t get it f***ed up, gangsta.” To be a great rapper, you must have impact, commercial success, be good at song writing, a lot of performances and live shows and lastly, hella good rapping. The first song I heard from tupac was “ambitions az a ridah and all eyes on me” and it was real original so I went and listened to ‘Brenda got a baby’ which made me think “dammmmm he good, he good as hell”

Tupac Shakur had one of the biggest impacts
It is known that his fame is compared to Notorious B.I.G’s fame. But, the most astounding status on the album charts that Biggie at any point accomplished while alive was #13 on the main 200 album charts, and #3 on the Rap and RnB but in reality it had been able to have the politicians, adult's and people who didn't even listen and enjoyed rap music allowed Tupac and all the other that he spoke for to become recognised. Tupac was able to make an impact on those who did not even listen to rap music and have biased opinions to thole like Tupac.

At first look, Tupac may not appear to be versatile to a man who had just heard Shakur's fight rap but Tupac was one of the most versatile rappers in the industry. In the event that you track back his career back to when his name was originally MC New York, you will see the various rap styles he really had. Melodies like Young Black Male are altogether different from his more well known tunes like Dear Mama and California Love. He covered such a wide point of view and there were various sides to him, yet the best part about him generally was that he was a

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