Essay About My Best Friend

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A best friend is a special person. Someone you can always talk to and count on. When growing up you never truly know what a best friend is until you find one. I found mine when I was in third grade. In the summer when school was out my older brother, younger sister and I would stay at home. We lived on Sheridan so we would always go sit on the porch and watch the cars go by. One day the house next door to us was bought, my brother and I watched as the new neighbors moved all of their belongings into the house. There was a mom, a dad, a little boy and four girls. Two of the girls looked like my brothers age, one looked my age and the other girl and boy was younger.
Throughout the summer when their family was outside playing my brother would always talk over the fence to the girls. One day one of the girls asked me if I wanted to go over and play; Her name was Deanna and she was my age. I was so excited. Deanna had
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For many years and still to this day we would only talk a few times a year mostly for our birthdays. In the article The way of Forgiveness: How to Heal Life’s Hurts and Restore Broken Relationships, St. Anthony Messenger talks about forgiveness and how hard it is for someone to forgive someone. He states that people are never taught how to forgive and this may be a reason it is so hard to forgive. I have now grown up and have no hard feelings towards Deanna but I am still the same. I do not like house parties. I do not like to go to clubs or drink. I prefer to stay home and be with my family. I do not have any kids. We live totally different lives. I will always consider Deanna my best friend but our friendship has changed it will never be like it use to when we were kids growing up. I feel guilty for not trying harder to keep our friendship closer. I feel like I truly missed out on some good years with my best
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