Essay About Love Story

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The author arranges three love stories which are interspersed in the novel. He puts “Love” in the beginning, “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” in the middle, and the “The Lives of the Dead” at the end. The contents of the three love stories are different. For instance, Jimmy and Martha are described as two people who are in different worlds. Jimmy is in the battlefield, but Marsha is an outsider of war and a young girl who loves peace and literature. Mark Fossie and Mary Ann Bell are sweet couple who have similar ambitions. Yet all of them suffer the same destiny; for these three couples are all separate from each other. We can observe that the three males have common characteristics; for example, when they feel frustrated with the surroundings they encounter, the images of their girlfriends naturally emerge in their minds. This happened when Jimmy Cross “examined the darkness. Trouble, he thought-a cave-in maybe. And then suddenly, without willing it, he was thinking about Martha” (O'Brien, 11). And it also happened to the character O’Brien, when he was on his fourth day in the war....
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