Pros And Cons Of United States Immigration Policies

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Immigration policies can dramatically change the economy United States and potentially change our daily lives. Also, relegation on immigration will easily result in changes on cultural and religious diversity and will ultimately affect everyone. Immigration is a huge topic in the United States and made the country that it now is today. “Immigration has profoundly shaped American politics and culture. Immigrants not only provided labor for the growing economy but also gave the United States a distinctly unique social and political culture. These effects continue today.” Immigration has played a huge role throughout the United States history and is an extremely controversial topic that you pretty much hear of every day. Illegal immigrants are thought to be, nowadays, as criminals doing only what's worse for the…show more content…
The beauty is that we even share cultures day to day and speak different languages. There is an enormous variety amongst ourselves and there has to be a place here in the states for anyone to enjoy. Immigration policies can utterly destroy all of this and ruin the authentic mixture of cultures the states are known for. “The ethnic, religious, and cultural diversity brought by immigrants in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has shaped American history and politics.” For the most part, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and I’m sitting towards letting immigration happen. Immigration, according to factual evidence, helps the United States economy by boosting it ways previously mentioned and most notably by helping workers get their jobs or tasks done, boosting the economy, and creating the United States a place of different cultures and vibes. Next time someone bitches about immigrants coming over, they should look around their home and remember who were the ones actually that built it and made it a better place to live

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