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Fresh ingredients, homemade recipes, and the best restaurants in the world. This is the world of Chinese food. The Chinese have been cooking for thousands millenia. Most all their meals are homemade and have distinct flavors. A big ingredient in China is rice. People have been farming rice for 3,000 to 4,000 years. Rice is used in almost all foods and that is why you can grow rice almost anywhere in china. Their is so much information and history on Chinese food it is amazing and very interesting. Although, some people may say that American food is better than Chinese food they are wrong. Chinese food is better because it's ingredients are more fresh compared to American food. Chinese food is the best type of food in the world because the food …show more content…

According to “Elements of Cooking”, “All animals are cut and made homemade by the chef the same day they are served.” Chefs make most meals homemade in the kitchen. The cut all the meat fresh and then make the food right after. Also, the food is served once it is made and not sitting in a kitchen for hours or even days. When meals are homemade and not frozen there are less preservatives. While preservatives help prevent decay, they also have substances that are not good for people. Additionally, according to “The Importance of Yin-Yang Philosophy in Chinese Food”, “Chefs choose ingredients to make your body more balanced.” Chef choose the ingredients in every meal. A person should have a well balanced meal everyday. When the chefs choose the ingredients, they choose ingredients that give people a source of all nutrients. Chefs make food for peoples person interest from fresh ingredients. In a restaurant, the chef will make food homemade in the kitchen. When ingredients are hand picked and given to the chef, anybody could know it is made right there and not frozen. Frozen will come out of a package and fresh are cooked that day and made from a chef. The flavor is also more distinct is the food is made then frozen and microwaved from the store, People do not want to eat frozen foods if they can have it …show more content…

Eating spicy food helps with weight loss. Some people want to lose a little weight and spicy food will do the trick. The spices from the food build up metabolism and burn calories as your eating. Also, the more spicy food eaten the lower risk people are at to heat conditions. They help prevent heart attacks and many more conditions. According to the American Association for Cancer Research, spicy food help prevent certain kinds of cancer. For instance, capsaicin (which is a spice) has the ability to kill some leukemic cells that allow the body to be less likely to have leukemia. Some spices may even slow cancer from spreading or stop the growth of a tumor. "It has the same effects on the body as certain cancer drugs do." says Gregory A. Plotnikoff, M.D. Lower Blood Pressure is also a common enjoy spicy food. The spicy pepper in Chinese dishes increases blood flow throughout the body. Spicy dishes have tons of vitamins and that allows the heart muscle to be stronger. Spice is food is the cause of good-hormones. Eating spicy food may ease your depression and/or

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