Ernest Hemingway, the Writer of Lost Generation

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Living in the overwhelming burden of the war, the “Lost Generation”, which Ernest Hemingway was a part of, was a group of people spending their spring of life in warfare and aftereffect of war (Lost Generation). He was a laureate of the Novel Prize in Literature in 1954 as an influential American novelist. Ernest Hemingway expressed his experience and sentiments in his writings, exerting profound impact on American Literature (Nobel Prize). His birth, upbringing, employment, literary works, and effect on his contemporary style and subsequent generations summarize his itinerant life.
Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in Oak Park, a suburban village adjoining to the city of Chicago in Illinois (Britanica). Hemingway was born between erudite couple. His father, Clarence Edmond Hemingway, was a doctor who loved hunting and fishing and his mother, Grace Hall Hemingway, was a musician who was interested in the arts (Britanica). Also, he had three sisters: Marcelline, Sunny, and Ursula (Wikipedia).
Being raised from an affluent family, he was able to experience different kinds of activities. His diverse experiences from his parents’ influences formed the basic structure of his tendency to adapt certain characteristics in his life and writings. Since early childhood, he learned how to hunt, fish and camp from his father at their summer home called Windemere on Walloon Lake, Michigan (Hemingway Resource Center). Just like his father, Clarence Hemingway, Ernest Hemingway loved to hunt and wander around the forest, which subsequently led to his excursive life. Not only he was affected and influenced by his father, but also by his mother who was a musician. Hemingway learned to play the cello due to his mother’s demand. Even ...

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... his life would have positively affected his writings still remains unanswered.

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