Ernest Hemingway: A Brief Biography

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Ernest Hemingway was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1899. He was a writer who started his career with a newspaper office in Kansas City when he was seventeen. When the United States got involved in the First World War, Hemingway joined with a volunteer ambulance unit in the Italian army. During his service, he was wounded, and was decorated by the Italian Government. Upon his return to the United States, he was employed by Canadian and American newspapers as a reporter, and sent back to Europe to cover the Greek Revolution. In the 1920’s, Hemingway was a member of expatriate Americans in Paris. In one writing of Hemingway, it reads, “In the nearly sixty two years of his life that followed he forged a literary reputation unsurpassed in the twentieth century” (LostGeneration). During this time, he wrote some of his most important and successful works of literature. Ernest Hemingway is one of the most influential writers of his time. One biography of him said, “His novels and short fictions have left an indelible mark on the literary production of the United States and the world” (TheEuropeanGraduateSchool).
As a child, Hemingway spent summers with his family at a cabin on Lake Walloon, in Michigan. Here he spent his time exploring the surrounding forest, where he hunted small game such as squirrels. He also enjoyed fishing, and other activities on the lake. This love for outdoor activities carried on into his adult life. One reading discussing Hemingway said, “Hunting and fishing remained two of Hemingway’s favorite pastimes throughout his life” (ErnestHemmingwayCollection). Another article said, “He was Hemingway of the rugged outdoor grin and the hairy chest posing beside a marlin he had just landed or a lion he had just...

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