Ernest Hemingway Writing Style

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Ernest Hemingway was one of the most significant novelists of the 20th century .He was born in twenty first of July, 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, as a young man he worked in the school newspaper and then in graduation instead of going to college, he went to the Kansas City Star to work for newspapers, that background in journalism had a lot to do with his later literary style . Ernest Hemingway writing style was significant because he was so brief and straightforward with his short concise sentences. During world war one he served as an ambulance driver and then he moved to Paris when he wrote his first novel” The Sun Also Rises“ in 1926. His works had a big success, but his life was stormy, he had this pathological thing that as soon she married one woman he fell in love with another one usually much younger one and his happened over and over again . He was married four times, with his first wife Hadley they had a son John with his second wife Pauline he had two sons Patric and Gregory, he was then married to the journalist Martha Gellhorn and then finally to Mary Welsh. In 1951 Hemingway won the Pulitzer Prize of “The Old Man and The Sea” and two years later he was honored with the noble prize in literature. In his later life he felt depression , anxiety probably mental illness , he suffered with alcoholism with an ongoing battle with entertainments in his life .He committed suicide when finally he found that all the virtues that he could have valued such as self controlled ad health productivity had to come and end. Hemingways greatest work may have been his life , the life that he lived, he continued being a writer, not just sitting in an isolated room but gambling and make a show about it . Ernest Hemingway wrot... ... middle of paper ... ...gway talks about the happy moments when sometimes we forget about the reality the stress of the daily life and just enjoy talking, drinking and laughing with your friend and beloved people.Also, this can be those evenings when you are working on something very important and do not want others to disturb you.On the last paragraph the memoir brings everything together , telling that we all have moments in life that we are poor, stressful, heart broken or losers, but still when we look back e realize that we were not really unhappy. Life has positives and negatives, it should be a blast and that’s why the book was titled a moveable feast presenting that life is not stationary, but is full of different stories, scenes and is funny how our mind makes us forget the difficult times and call up the good ones although Hemingway was writing about both sides in his memoir .
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