Ernest Hemingway

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Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899 in a small community of Oak Park, Illinois. He was the second child out of six, with four sisters and one brother. The area Ernest grew up in was a very conservative area of Illinois and was raised with values of strong religion, hard work, physical fitness and self-determination. His household was a very strict one that didn’t allow any enjoyment on Sundays and disobedience was strictly punished. Ernest’s father taught him good morals and values that he if he followed that he would be good in life. His father also taught him to hunt and fish around the Lake Michigan area and to love nature. The family would spend their summers in the wilderness and their winters back near Chicago. For the rest of his life Hemingway remained an avid fisherman and never lived far form a fishing hole. The outdoors is where he created a lot of his work, and a place where he got a lot of his inspiration from. Hemingway went to school in the Oak Park public school system where he wrote for the High School paper. Hemingway graduated high school in 1917 and then he took a job as a reporter for the Kansas City Star. This was against his parent’s wishes of him going to college to become a professional. While Hemingway worked for the Star, he learned to elaborate more and polished his writing ability positively. He found out after awhile that writing for the newspaper wasn’t for him. He had tried to join the military after he had graduated from high school b...

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