Enterprise Performance Management: Integination Of ERM And EPM

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INTEGRATION OF ERM AND EPM “Continuous performance”, it is not just about the measuring and recording, it’s also about the anticipations and actions. Adapting performance management requires the foundation of financial and operational objectives and the capability to deliver performance results in a timely manner to everyone in the organization that can impact those results. Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) will help you establish a culture of high performance where all stakeholders of the company are keenly aware of important aspects to the company, how the company is tracking, and where their work fits in. Enterprise Performance Management in simple terms is a process of monitoring performance across the enterprise with the objective…show more content…
Depending up-on the vision and mission of a company different strategies or domains are promoted in the company. Strategy Formulation Strategy Formulation for an organization is generally made up of mission, vision and strategic objectives of that organization. Strategy Formulation refers to the activities and actions taken by the organization which determines the direction of the objective/goal/agenda of the organization. Once the direction is determined, an organization monitors its performance and progress and takes actions accordingly to improve the condition. Business Planning and Forecasting Business Planning and Forecasting are activities and action taken by the organization to plan the future goals and objectives and forecast the needed areas to improve up-on in near future as well as the expected results from the actions taken in the past. Financial Management Financial Management is basically the closing process at the end of the financial period of an organization according to the generally accepted concepts of accounting and finance to find the overall performance of the organization in that financial period. Supply Chain…show more content…
It is beyond just day-to-day financial matters and reports. The software’s tools promote the allocation of resources available in the organization to support budgeting, planning and strategy making processes. In addition to this software also helps companies in closing their books by helping them in consolidation, reporting and disclosures of financial matters at the end of the financial year. Budgeting, planning and strategy are very crucial functions of any organization to succeed in their business, most EPM software automate all three processes. Budgeting helps companies to set their short-term goals (for 12 months), with forecast of expenses and revenue and hence profitability of the organization. Budgeting is very helpful for CFOs and CEOs to set their targets/objectives for short term. Planning is long term process as compared to budgeting. Ones budgeting is done for short period accordingly planning takes place for almost double the period of budgeting. (This condition can’t be considered as a thumb rule this can be changed with company to company and/or sector to

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