Energy Demands: Alternative Energy Resources

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Can growing energy demands be met safely and efficiently? My talk today is about energy especially about energy demands. What is energy? In physics, energy is defined as the capacity to do work. This capacity is very important to our daily lives, business, and education and even for the national security. This is why it is so important for world to meet the growing demands of the energy. According to Global future studies & research stated that there are 1.3 billion people are living without electricity today, which is 20% of total population and that 2 billion of population, is expected to be added to world population between now and 2050. Moreover, countries like BRICS (Brazil, Russia, Indonesia, China, South Africa) under rapid growth of economic conditions raise the apprehension of that world might not able to meet the growth of the energy demands. This has been proven by the statement from International Energy Agency “The center of gravity of global energy demand moves decisively towards emerging economies – they account for more than 90% of net energy demand growth to 2035.” (IEA) This led us to a conclusion that it is a fact that world is going to face the complex challenges in energy sector, especially developing countries that experiencing expand of population this will demand another billions of population and moreover as country developed their living standard will be improve which will more intensify the problem of the lack of energy demands. On top of that, meanwhile the supplies of conventional oil and conventional gas are expecting to be declined in near future (OECD) Meeting those challenges might require changes in fundamental issues such as changing patterns of energy production, consumption, policies and son. F... ... middle of paper ... ...Id/3018/Default.aspx?ArticleId=1191. [Last Accessed 28 November 13]. (2011). Global Challenges Facing Humanity . [ONLINE] Available at: [Last Accessed 26 November 13]. 25 Years From Now and Still Relying on Fossil Fuels? N.d.The Great Energy Challenge Blog., accessed November 29, 2013. LED Light Bulbs Brighter and More Energy Efficient than Ever N.d.ScienceDaily., accessed November 29, 2013. Nguyen, Lananh, and Tara Patel N.d.IEA Says World Needs $38 Trillion of Energy Investment. Bloomberg., accessed November 29, 2013.