Endangered Plans and Animals due to Human Exploitation

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Over the whole history of the earth, millions of plants and animals have disappeared. The major reason might be the natural causes such as climate changes and some catastrophic events. However, something is different recently. Today, with the development of human civilization, human activity exerts a strong influence on the cause of the endangered species. We are looking into how the reason why plants and animals are endangered relates to human activity. There are four reasons in the following passage.
First, some species are endangered because of the destruction or the degradation of their habitat. As is known to all that most species are adapted to a specific environment, if they lose the habitat they got used to, they cannot survive. Human beings want to develop enough residential area to live in, industrial area to work in as well as some agricultural places to grow crops in. Many forests, grass land and deserts are destroyed for people’s own purpose. Also during the operation and the construction, some accidents such as oil explosion and some pollution will certainly happen. For example, the acid rain has destroyed many residential habitats for some fish and some plants themselves. Also the water pollution dirtied many pure lakes and rivers which leaded to some extinction of the marine animals. The destruction and the degradation are really killers that threaten a lot of individuals of some species.
The second major cause of endangered species is the illegal wild animal trades. In spite of some laws passing to be against these trades, there are still many illegal trades all over the world in order to gain some benefits. Sometimes people hunt the wild animals for food. But in the most situations, they hunt wild speci...

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...animals are introduced abroad or to a new habitat on purpose or by accident. And they will be a threat to those plants and animals that are originally grown there. The example that European rabbit were sent to Australia and caused many species to die can explain it quite clearly.
In conclusion, the four major reasons which are destruction of the habitats, illegal wild animal trades, over exploitation and the competition with the domestic and introduced species matters a lot. These human activities cause the imbalance of the biological chain. As well as they are breaking the diversity of the whole nature. We human beings should be very careful because all these major reasons are related to our behavior. We are the only creature who can change the severe situation. Our activity is the main cause of the extinction of some plants and animals in the current world.
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