Encompassing the Arts Across the Grades

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Title: Encompassing the Arts Across the Grades Subject/Content Areas: Language Arts, Visual Art, & Music Grade Levels: 2nd, 5th, & 8th Project Time Line: Projection of amount of time needed includes one to two weeks for four 2nd grade classes to create and to upload their drawings on VoiceThread.com, three weeks, (M-F 45 min. /day), for 5th graders to complete the entire process of writing and publishing their poetry, and two weeks for 8th grade students to compose and publish their music to complement the drawing and its poetry using VoiceThread. These times are projections. They may change. Overview: This is a collaborative VoiceThread from three different classes within my district (2nd, 5th, and 8th grade students). This project is an example of the power of collaboration using technology that encompasses art through words, visuals, and music. Creating a drawing using the Web 2.0 tool, Palcu Drawing for Children, that depicts a favorite place to visit or imagine visiting is the task of the 2nd graders. Second graders are not only drawing using an online drawing program, but are fulfilling language arts standards by writing at least two complete sentences that adequately describe the picture they have drawn. The sentences will be one of two places or may be both. The drawing program, Palcu Drawing for Children, allows the children to use a text tool to keyboard their sentence directly on their drawing. Students will save their drawings before uploading them to VoiceThread.com. In order to fulfill the collaboration portion of the 2nd graders’ task, they use VoiceThread.com to upload their saved drawing and then use the text tool to once again keyboard their sentence(s). Using the VoiceThreads recording tool, the 2nd g... ... middle of paper ... ...rom the secondary music instructor. I will provide feedback orally and/or text by personally commenting on the VoiceThread that has their composition. Another option of providing closure would be to solicit students’ help and creativity to invite parents/guardians/family for an evening when the presentation of the project’s VoiceThread would be shown to all, also providing a time for refreshments and sharing aspects of the project itself. • Assessment: The assessment procedures will only pertain to the 5th graders’ portion of the online collaborative project. Above I suggested procedures for the 2nd and 8th grade portions. Due to the complexity and subjectiveness of writing and publishing poetry, I believe that a rubric would be the best assessment tool to use in assessing criteria for each 5th grade student. E:PBS Comm_Collab OnlinePoetry Rubric.doc

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