Oral Language And Literacy Acquisition

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While some literacy acquisition theorists suggest that literacy acquisition is similar to oral language acquisition, I have to disagree. These theorists say that learning to read and write is a natural process that needs very little instruction, I have to disagree. According to Peregoy and Boyle, the authors of Reading, Writing, and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Leaners, English learners can benefit from English literature instruction well before they have developed full control orally. This statement informs me that while the two forms of acquisition seem correlated, they indeed are not directly a result of each other. While oral acquisition seems can come more easily with exposure, reading and writing acquisition…show more content…
(Peregoy and Boyle, pg.202) The authors express that the process of literacy acquisition is a very complex one that must be nurtured in a child for them to be successful. The text then goes on to elaborate on the complexity of literacy acquisition. Peregoy and Boyle wrote that, “In both reading and writing, all students must learn the forms of print, including letters and other symbols; and how these are sequenced into words, sentences and paragraphs to create letters, stories, recipes, and other forms of written communication.” Based off of the evidence that I have been given from Ch. 6 of Reading, Writing, and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Leaners I believe that literacy acquisition is not similar to oral language acquisition. Page 206 in text provides further evidence that oral literature development is different from written language development. One example that stood out to me was that every culture develops an oral language but not ever culture develops a written language. Another example of how oral and written acquisition develops different is that oral language is learned with little explicit instruction while most children must learn written language through also of explicit…show more content…
Phonetic awareness has been proven to aid in our students written and reading acquisition. I would also try to incorporate reading instruction using my student’s primary language. I would like to implement activities such as writing in journals and drawing pictures to illustrate what the students are writing about. In doing this, I hope my students can write and also illustrate the story they are trying to communicate to me. I would also like to read stories with my students and ask them to make predictive statements about the stories. I would also like to incorporate centers into my classroom that will help my students play in literacy-enriched areas. Examples of these centers would be places like a school, an office, a grocery store or a restaurant. While the students are not in my classroom, I will send home activities that include parental involvement. I would encourage parents to communicate with their students using their journals. They can write entries back and forth to each other to communicate. The student could even draw a secret message to their parents and have their parent try and figure out sentences that correlates to the picture. I would also like to send home storybooks for the parents to read to their children. These storybooks would come with an activity sheet that the student would need to complete. On the activity sheet I would ask students to draw
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