Employee Motivation And Motivation

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Motivation is defined as factors that encourage the interest of individuals in order to reach a goal. Companies including Google Inc. have proved that motivating their employees begins with recognizing that in order for them to perform a great job, individuals must be in surroundings that meet their basic emotional needs to achieve their objectives. Carl Stones stated in Work Attitude Survey (1982) that most employees search for places in where they are treated as human beings and their skills are noticed. “A place where they view their work as having a greater purpose, and where they are afforded the opportunity to be consulted on those matters that have influence on their work lives” (McLeod, 2014, P.98). Employees at Google Inc. are motivated…show more content…
Employees working at this company feel happy with the opportunity to learn and thrive. Carl Stones believed that employees who are stimulated focus their energy on achieving specific goals; those who are unmotivated don’t. In fact, nowadays managers search for virtues such as, responsibility and punctuality in their employees in order to reach better position and recognition. According to Isaacs (2003) steadily attention should be given to the employee’s basic needs from the time they initiate working until they leave an organization. Besides the benefits and payments, employees are seeking for companies where they have a hierarchy of needs and expectancy…show more content…
According to Maslow, interpersonal is the third level of human needs, which describes that humans have the necessity to feel accepted by colleagues regardless of the size of the group. He stated that with the absence of love people become depressed because one has no friends or company. According to (2014) leaders at Google have the responsibility of making sure individuals have equal opportunities and giving them the sense of belonging to the company. IV. Maslow described the fourth level of human needs as individual’s safety. It refers to personal security, financial security, and safety regarding employees’ accidents and illness. According to the fourth level of human needs when the physical needs are satisfied, individuals’ safety takes its respective place. As an instance, in Google Inc. the company pays fifty percent of his salary when an employee dies to his/her partner. V. Physiological needs are the fifth level of human needs and must be complete before any other level. According to Maslow in order for humans to survive, physiological needs must be fulfilled. In other words, if these conditions are unsatisfied, the human body cannot continue to live. Physiological needs include drink, warmth, air, sleep and
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