Employee Engagement Plan Essay

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Employee Engagement Plan Employee engagement is one of the biggest factors facing organizations today. According to Mindful Strategies, it is one of the most critical factors in business, but it has some rewarding results. If there are high results in employee engagement within an organization, then they will be high productivity, retention, and customer service according to Mindful Strategies. Also Mindful Strategies stated if employees are engaged within an organization, they are 43 percent more productive towards generating more revenue. This is why employee engagement should be implemented carefully and strategically. Employee satisfaction, productivity, retention and recruitment, innovation, and profitability are five strategies…show more content…
Without productivity, a company cannot function or create revenue. Explorance stated, that engaged employees are generally top performers. Once an employee is more engaged, their absentees decreases and their motivation becomes higher which leads to productivity. The more engaged they are, then the more effectual and driven they are to success (Exploration, 2013). The way organizations can increase productivity by simply implementing a rewards system. This system will reward those who reach the company’s goal and this will keep employees motivated. The Employees that reach for a goal and get rewarded, this will help employees have high…show more content…
Engaged employees perform higher and generally have a passion and interest towards their job (Exploration, 2013). When employees perform this way, employees tend to be more innovative. Engaged employees tend to feel as though they have a stake in the organization so, they push to create new products and services (Exploration, 2013). This can be achieved by allowing employees to collaborate and work together as teams. Team work will push other employees who are not innovated or low performers to measure up with other top performers to enhance their
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