Emmett Till Thesis

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Somewhere in history have you ever seen the story of Emmett Till? Emmett Till was a African-American boy who’s death shocked the world and had a impacted the Civil Rights Movement. I wanted to write an essay about Emmett Till, because if it wasn’t for him Rosa Parks would’ve never stood up to fight for justice. So that means that the Civil Rights Movement would’ve never happened and we will still have criticism going on in this world today. Now let me tell you Emmett Till’s story and how it changed the entire world. There are some basic facts about Emmett Till. He was an African-American boy who was born on July 25, 1941 in Chicago, Illinois. The reason for his death was for flirting with a white girl at a store on August 24, 1955. He died …show more content…

His mother had good grades and was the fourth African-American to graduate. When Till was 5 years old he was diagnosed with polio, but he got full recovery. He never got the chance to meet his father, because he was in the army in WWII. His family received word that his father had been executed for “willful misconduct” while serving in Italy. Louis, Emmett’s father, had raped two Italian women and killed the third. This information was released to the press later on. Emmett’s mother wanted to take a trip to Omaha, Nebraska. Emmett wanted to spend time with his cousins in Mississippi, but who knew that his decision will impact the whole world and African-Americans. While he was his cousins, he sampled the Mississippi life for three days. He picked cotton, shooting fireworks, stealing watermelons, and swimming in snake-infested ponds. Even if Till was chubby he didn’t let that stop him. Till was responsible, funny, infectiously high-spirited child that made everyone’s life that he knew …show more content…

His mother decided to have an open casket funeral where thousands of people could come see the brutal crime that was done to her son. His death became an outrage in the country and Moses was brave enough to stand up and accused the killers, but in doing that he put his life in danger. Simeon Wright stated, ”J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant died with Emmett Till’s blood on their hands,” he was Till’s cousin and eyewitness to his kidnapping. He later stated, “And it looks like everyone else who was involved is going to do the same. They had the chance to come clean. They will die with Emmett Till’s blood on their hands. The killers were not accused and were released free. The all white jury had claimed them not to be guilty less than an hour. When they confessed to the jury of what they have done they were protected by double jeopardy laws.
Emmett’s death made a huge difference to the world. His death provided an important catalyst for the American Civil Rights. It had brought light to the brutality of Jim Crow Segregation in the south which lead to the African-American Civil Rights Movement much quicker in the world than expected. Rosa Parks had his death in her mind when she refused to move from her seat that day. She stated, “The news of Emmett death caused me….to participate in the cry for justice and equal

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