Elvis and His Love Life

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He had a string of girlfriends, before and after he became famous, including celebrities such as Mamie Van Doren, Natalie Wood, Tuesday Weld, Cybill Shepherd, Barbra Streisand, Connie Stevens, Nancy Sinatra and Ann-Margret,

1954, Elvis's high-school sweet heart was Dixie Locke; the courtship was ended with Elvis, after he took to the road to do his shows with D. J. Scotty and Bill.

1955, Elvis's first sweet heart June Juanico, was the only girl Gladys Presley ever approved of. Elvis noticed June when she was coming out of the ladies room at half time at of one of his shows.

Elvis asked June if she would meet him after the show, and show him around the town of Biloxi, June felt there wasn't much to see, but Elvis didn't care he just wanted June to show him around town.

Elvis picked June up at the front of the theatre then they drove to his motel to change his clothes, then left and took in some nightlife with some floorshows in town.

They spent hours together parked, to see the sun rise, as dawn broke, Elvis spoke of his love and feelings for his family, he mentioned his twin brother Jesse Garon.

Elvis and June would stay in touch with one another by phone, and did this for five months, while Elvis was on tour. The couple shared a passionate relationship for three years.

Anita Wood, dated Elvis seriously for several years, Anita was nineteen years old when she met Elvis they shared wonderful times and had great fun together, Anita felt part of the family around the guys.

On March 24, 1958, Elvis was sworn into the United States Army, and after his eight-week basic training at Fort Hood in Texas, he had two weeks at home enjoying recording new songs, relaxing at the fairgrounds and at the roller rink in the company of Anita wood, who at the time was his best girl.

Anita lived for a time at Graceland, she got quite close to Gladys they even spoke of the time Elvis would marry her, Anita thought the world of Gladys Presley.

Over time Elvis would buy Anita many gifts, one was a diamond friendship ring and remains in her family today.

Another gift was a 1957 Ford, which Anita gave to her brother other gifts Elvis had given to her were also given away, Anita felt it was the right thing to do when she got married.

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