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In the 1950’s, segregation was a popular lifestyle within the United States. Segregation was the separation between the blacks and whites. Most black people were discriminated against just by the color of their skin, but with the help of Elvis Presley’s music he helped break those barriers between the white and black communities. Presley exposed the new generation of white Americans to the culture of African Americans. Demonstrating in which the ways they were treated and especially the difference in the style of music they listen to. African American music was how they communicated which each other because only the blacks could understand the meaning behind each melody sung. With this, Elvis Presley made an entirely new generation with his music and pelvic thrusting dance moves. Presley was considered one of the most significant figures of Rock and roll changing the entertainment industry completely, making Elvis Presley the American Dream.
Elvis Presley was born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. Unfortunately the parents of Presley suffered the devastating loss of Elvis’s stillborn twin brother, Jessie Garon. Presley was first influenced to music by the First Assembly of God Church and the entertainment of the radio. (Elvis Aron Presley). Through the enjoyment that Presley had listening to music it had brought to want to play guitar. His mother had bought him a guitar and an instructional book and Presley taught himself how to play the guitar. That same year Elvis Presley had won the Children Mississippi-Alabama and Dairy fair singing “Old shep” at ten years old. (Elvis Aron Presley)
September 1948 the Presley family had moved to Memphis, Tennessee and they found an apartment there in a public housing project. Pre...

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...g and that is why Presley had started to mostly focus on family. Presley knew it was now harder to reach to the Top 10, but Elvis wasn’t swept away like all the other bands by the British Invasion. His song “Crying in the Chapel” was still at number three and that was made in 1960. (Elvis Presley Biography ) Years later on May 1, 1967 Elvis Presley and Priscilla were wed in Las Vegas. In 1968, their only child, Lisa Marie was born. Fearing that his career was over and that he had been forgotten. Colonel Parker followed the advice of director Steve Binder for Presley’s comeback television special. The television special was broadcasted on December 3 and it reached high ratings. The soundtrack had reached number 8 on the charts. Even years later the 68 comeback special still stands as one of the most powerful performances in rock history. (Elvis Presley Biography )

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