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There have been many great musicians and many wanted to be called the king of rock , but only one can truly be called the king of rock and that person is elvis presley. Elvis presley is the king of rock because there was no one like him the way he danced and the crowds went crazy over his crazy moves he made, or how him and his guitar were a major component of the iconic rock and roll and last but not least how many singles and albums he sold made him the king of rock and roll he made it popular. Elvis presley was one of a kind when he performed. He had crowds go crazy with his unique styles of dance moves. when elvis presley performed his specialty was to do this type of dance with his legs that would electrify the crowd. I haven't seen anybody else who could swing there legs on stage and the crowd would go crazy. He was just so popular that everyone loved him and loved what he did on stage , he could be singing his song but as soon as he would start dancing all the crazed fans would go nuts and i've never seen another musician do this with the crowd only the king himself could only do this. Elvis controlled crowds with little tiny …show more content…

He help influence the creation of rock and roll with the way he played the guitar on stage because he played like a black man but he was actually white and he added a little of blues a little of country and boom you had rock and roll but the way elvis played it was just perfect it would move crowds and have them crazy. He sold the most albums and singles ever and numbers don't lie and if he clearly sold the most albums and songs for a reason and its because he played rock the best and he wouldn't have sold the most albums if he didnt. That proves that he is the king because numbers don't lie and he was just a goddess with the way he played guitar ofc other people were good at the guitar but he was just to great the way he played the

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