A Brief Biography Of Elvis Presley

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Elvis Aaron Presley, born on January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, grew up listening to gospel music of the Pentecostal church (rockhall 1). Presley “was the guy the guys wanted to be, and the guy girls wanted to date” (Di Luca 1). He influenced fashion, American dance, music, and became one of first rock and roll sensations. As Di Luca states in his article, “His talent, good looks, sensuality, charisma, and good humor endeared him to millions,” (1). Presley had a major lasting impact on fashion, American dance and sexuality, and music.
Presley’s fashion sense has deeply swayed the world of fashion today . His wardrobe ranged from sequined jumpsuits and capes to pink shirts and black leather pants (Ocala 1). He was the expert on slick eye-wear, and leather jackets. (Di Luca 1). Keogh, author of Elvis Presley: The Man, the Life, the Legend points out that Presley derived his style from “Beale Street, church, the army, Hollywood, and finally Las Vegas and the road” (3). Elvis dressed flamboyantly, but he also dressed casually (Antithesis). Presley also sported a ducktail...

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