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AP Psychology “Famous Person” Research Paper:
Elvis Presley and Psychology
Maxwell C. Thompson
18 April 2014
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Elvis Presley and Psychology
Elvis Presley rose to fame in the 1950’s quickly becoming one of the most recognizable singers of all time. Through the 1960’s and 1970’s he achieved unparalleled fame through his music as well as his acting in movies. Yet, the sexy symbol, hip thrusting, southern man was not without his continual faults, errors, and drug abuse. In fact the debate still rages among some on what brought down this international star. In this essay, I will provide a biography of the life of Elvis Presley and then use this information to conclude what psychological problems the great Elvis Presley may have been facing.
Elvis Aaron Presley was born to Vernon and Gladys Presley on January 8, 1935 in two-room house built by his dad in Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis was supposed to be a twin, but his brother Jessie was stillborn, leaving him as an only child. He grew up in Tupelo surrounded and supported by his extended family as well as his loving parents. Though money was tight, Vernon and Gladys managed to support their darling Elvis and regularly attended church. Elvis seemed to start taking influence not only from preaching and music form his church, but also the “black bluesmen in the neighborhood and country music radio programs enjoyed by his family.” (S1) On October 3, 1945 Elvis’s singing was first sawn as he won fifth prize in a youth talent contest at the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show (S1). 1946 helps him along his way to pop sensation as his mother buys him a guitar, since she cannot afford the bicycle Elvis wants. His family is still only scrapping by, so on November 6, 1948 the El...

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...riedberg, Germany where he lives off base with his father, grandmother, and friends. While Elvis turns 24, Colonel Parker keeps Elvis’s career alive with hit records releases. While in Germany Elvis meets Priscilla Ann Wagner through a friend at his own party. Oddly, during January 1960 Elvis goes on another leave to Paris with his karate instructor, Jürgen Seydel, to study with Japanese karate teacher, Tetsuji Murakami. (1) On February 11, 1960 becomes a Sargent before being officially discharged on March 5. After a train ride home to Memphis, fans and press welcome him home. Though he has served his country proudly, Elvis is worried that his time away may have damaged his career progress. (1) Indeed it may have. Regardless, Elvis is back in the both quickly recording the album “Elvis is Back!” and get paid $125,000 for an appearance on Frank Sinatra’s ABC show.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that elvis presley rose to fame in the 1950's quickly becoming one of the most recognizable singers of all time. however, he was not without his continual faults, errors, and drug abuse.
  • Explains that elvis aaron presley was born to vernon and gladys in 1935 in tupelo, mississippi. he was supposed to be twin, but his brother jessie was stillborn, leaving him an only child.
  • Narrates how elvis became a machinist, moved jobs, and became an electrician. he signed with rca record label, rereleased his five singles and established elvis presley music, inc.
  • Analyzes how elvis creates hysteria on the uss hancock for the "the milton berle show." his performance of "hound dog" drives the young audience wild but disgusts the press and some adults
  • Analyzes how elvis' unique blending of music has made him a symbol of pop culture youth and controversy.
  • Narrates how elvis is granted emergency leave to visit his mother before her death on august 14 at age 46. while in germany, elvis meets priscilla ann wagner through a friend at his own party.
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