How Did Elvis Presley Changed Society

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825 words

Elvis Presley, born January 8, 1935 was one very talented boy. As in his young years Presley did not know of what talents he had been blessed with but yet he was soon to know what he had been born to do. As you all know Elvis Presley became an amazing singer that changed the music culture as a whole forever. Now how Elvis changed the music culture has been argued if it was for the good or if it was for the worst. Elvis is in the top 100 most influential people and many argue that he should be taken off that list. Elvis was definitely very influential and was a very great guy that deserves to be on that list and has earned it. To start Elvis started his music career at age 19 with the legendary suns label in Memphis. At 19 he was already becoming …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that elvis presley, born january 8, 1935, was a very talented boy. he didn't know what talents he had been blessed with, but soon knew his destiny.
  • Analyzes how elvis changed the music culture by breaking the racial barriers and being a key help in the tolerance of blacks and whites during this period.
  • Opines that elvis did nothing to deserve this name calling because he served for our country. he was drafted into the u.s. army.
  • Explains that elvis jumped straight back into his music career after leaving the army. he was known for being polite in his interviews. many politicians publicized his contributions toward helping the poor and needy.
  • Analyzes how elvis' dancing was disgusting and sexual, and critics saw his performances as vulgar and provocative. he never got arrested because he was not trying to do anything but sing amazing music.
  • Opines that elvis presley was influential in the hard times for america, bringing blacks and whites closer and showing that it's nice to give back what you get.

He didn't know how to dance so he would just let loose and have fun moving his hips.But in the critics eyes the saw his dancing as disgusting and very sexual with the standing microphone. Critics across the country were going off on Elvis calling his performances vulgar and provocative. At one of his performances in Jacksonville he got a warrant for his arrest because the judge said he dancing was a threat to the morals of minors. He never actually got arrested because really Elvis was not trying to do anything but sing amazing music and have a fun time doing it. Yes, he was a bad dancer but, no he was not influencing minors in a bad way. Actually his music was very uplifting and had a happy feeling to …show more content…

Elvis was the only solo person to be inducted into rock and roll, country, and gospel hall of fames another is he featured in 31 films. He was obviously very influential in this hard time for America, bringing blacks and whites closer also showing that not only can anyone serve in the army, but even stars go and serve too, also that it is nice to give back what you get and he for sure did that by all his donations to his charities. Not only was he influential, he was also very successful, he lived the American dream serving his country not only in the army but also emotionally and spiritually through his very uplifting music. Elvis Presley was unarguably one of the top 100 most influential people in America with these points and many others can just be the proof of that. Elvis Presley not only was influential to the people during that time but now he also changed the music culture and made it the amazing music we have in the modern

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