Elements Of Effective Performance Management

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• Introduction
There are many ways to effective performance management. For example, to manage stress, time, communication, problems and so on. In this essay, I will focus on one of those elements, which is motivation. Motivation plays an important role to increase their productivity. You might have an experience. When you are strongly motivated, you will finish the work earlier, or the result will surpass your expectations. Thus the motivation is deeply related to success. If you were a manager in any companies, you have to consider how to motivate employee in order to improve their performance.

• How to motivate workers?
In my opinion, the most imaginable way to motivate worker can be paying more to whom that marked the better result. It is easy to evaluate person’s work if it is in a sales department, since you can obviously see the sales result with the numbers and you can pay extra for their rewards. However, of course it is not that easy in the real situation in the work place. Since motivating people depends on the person and the situation. In this part, I will discuss how motivation related to effective performance based on the textbook. In terms of the reasons manager should motivate workers, the Expectancy theory, and the bucket analogy.
First of all, why do manager need to motivate their employees? Their motivated people will work in better performance so that they bring you good product quality, and customer satisfaction as your further profit or reputation.
Secondly, A motivator could be a reward, a situation, or a person, but no matter what it is, it has to contain three beliefs; Expectancy, Instrumentality, and Valence. This calls Expectancy theory. When people believe that they can achieve that goal and are capa...

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... as understanding their requirement to the work, I will offer that help each career achievement. To give them opportunities that enjoyable or will be able to construct the skills they want will gain loyalty or motivation. Moreover, as workers accomplish the work, they might feel the importance of themselves. That also motivates them.

• Conclusion
In conclusion, you have to consider several aspects to motivate employee. As follows, according to the textbook, the Expectancy theory, and the bucket analogy. However, you should not pay too much attention that textbook says, because we are dealing with human; every person has different views, opinions and motivations for working. As I studying managerial skills, I fully realized the difficulty of managing people. I wish I could get more and more knowledge, ideas, or skills about to be a good manger from the lectures.

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