Key Elements Of Performance Management: Key Aspects Of Performance Management

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1. What elements of the performance management cycle in Figure 9-1 (p. 239) are evident in Stewart's comments?
As stated in the textbook, ‘performance management is an organization wide system whereby managers integrate the activities of goal setting, monitoring, and evaluating, providing feedback, and coaching, and rewarding employees on a continuous basis.’ The key aspects of performance management are goal setting, feedback and coaching, and rewards and positive reinforcement (Kreitner, 2013, p.238). All of these are present in Stewart’s comments. She went behind the counter and get on the food prep line to observed employees how they were working. When she catches an employee doing something right, by saying “Great Job” she practiced the
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I think Stewart uses the positive reinforcement effectively in this case. When she worked as a VP at Taco Bell she personally visited restaurants and went behind the counter to praise and to find out employee’s problems. She learned that from her father who while teaching worked extremely hard to find out the obscure details that would pique the students interest (Kreitner, 2013, p.262). By giving positive feedback and complementing on employees she sets a standard for remainder employees to follow. Instead of pointing out employees doing wrong she catches who performed well and took everyone attention towards it. She adopted very positive approach to encourage employees. She gathered all employees to discuss the good and bad aspects of the job. Listening to employees and taking their feedback is a most effective way to boost their performance. A study conducted by Ohio State University found that “feeling of being in on things” was the seventh most important factor in motivating employees (Morin, 2015). Instead of discussing the job improvements with single employee she elected to involve everyone in it. That helps employees to view what was expected and what should be followed right in future. Also, after getting positive feedback from her employees powerfully motivated and remainder employees were effectively…show more content…
Great leader keeps the balance between prudence, performance, and character. The seven most identified qualities of great leaders are vision, courage, integrity, humility, strategic planning, focus, and cooperation (Tracy, 2018). I think these qualities were presents in Stewart’s actions when she visited Taco Bell restaurant as a VP. I like the way she asks expertise on problem and work with other people by discussing to come up on a solution. I truly agree with her when employees feel they are learning they absolutely becomes more enthusiastic about their work (Kreitner, 2013, p.263). She sets an example of excellent leadership by encouraging and motivating employees. If I got a chance to work under her leadership, it would be a very valuable experience for me to learn from her how to positively reinforce work
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