Electronic Media Use And Addiction Among Youth

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The study entitled “Electronic Media Use and Addiction among Youth in Psychiatric Clinic versus school populations,” compares patterns in the use of television and video gaming among youth in a psychiatric clinic and school children (Baer, 2012). Due to the popularity of electronic media, internet use, and video games, there has been concern over the extended use of this media (Baer, 2012). Other research has demonstrated addiction to video games, and impulse control disorders, and impaired interpersonal relations among other concerns (Baer, 2012). Long terms effects are uncertain, but there has research based on a correlation between the overuse of electronic media and psychiatric disorders (Baer, 2012). Much of the existing research is based on general populations instead of youth in psychiatric populations and very few have compared the behaviors, there this study is based on the deficiencies, or gaps, of past literature (Baer, 2012). The literature review for this study included a look at data from a group of Latino adolescents that received treatment for mood disorders due to internet addiction (Baer, 2012). The purpose statement for this study is: “to compare the patters on television and computer gaming station use among youth in psychiatric clinic and community-based school populations (Baer, 2012).” The method implemented for this study was a cross-sectional survey with parent and self-reporting measures (Baer, 2012). There were two hundred and ten participants in the survey (Baer, 2012). One hundred and ten were school children and the other one-hundred were youth in a psychiatric clinic. The duration and frequency of media use with recorded and descriptive and comparative analyses were conducted (Baer... ... middle of paper ... ...ern with the results was the type of games being played by the group from the psychiatric clinic (Baer, 2012). The long-term effects of the violent games requires further exploration as well (Baer, 2012). There were limitations to the study due to it being cross-sectional as well as the small sample sizes (Baer, 2012). Additionally, the four categories of diagnosis for the psychiatric clinic group was also a limitation due to its size and sex differences (Baer, 2012). The four sub-groups would have been better served in a separate, more expanded research that focuses on those four variables. Self-reporting measures for addiction were also a limitation if participants inaccurately underestimated their use (Baer, 2012). This article makes some good contributions to the literature and could be a launching point for further research in to long term effects.

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