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The report will present an implementation of the marketing concept into business strategy of Electronic Arts. The report will evaluate the benefits and cost of the marketing approach in Electronic Arts. All information has to be submitted to Mrs. Susan Campbell, the HNC course co-ordinator on 25th October 2007.


In order to analyse how the marketing concept elements are incorporated into Electronic Arts (EA) overall business plan the following steps has to be taken:

2.1 Electronic Arts main web site has to accessed in order to obtain company business information.

2.2 Internet and book resources have to be scrutinized to collect all relevant data about the Marketing

Concept implementation.

2.3 All aspects of marketing concept has to be assessed against EA policies and analysed

company production, sales and promotion activities.


3.1 Satisfying Needs As the Key Business Element

Electronic Arts started creating electronic entrainment software in 1982 and from that day the company grew rapidly becoming the one of world leaders in the industry. The number of employees increased from two people to 7,900 worldwide in the beginning of 2007. Marketing concept is based on analysing and satisfying customer's needs and the management team in EA knows well that the business would not survived if those needs where not meet. Commitment to the customer is expressed in the company Code of Conduct as one of the "Action Values" which are the principles on which the entire business idea is based (see App. 1).

3.1.1 Products for All

Electronic Arts driven by marketing principle of meeting customer needs has created games which relate to nearly all aspects of human life. Sport, strategy, action games and even simulators of everyday life (Sims) are all in the company games portfolio. EA is not leaving any users without the access to their products and the company titles are available on all gaming platforms like Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and PC.

3.1.2 Software Developers

Many of existing staff in the company used to play the EA games when they started creating their own pieces of work, so back in the days they where the customers – gamers who used to buy the company products. Nowadays as they are shaping new titles themselves and they know how important is to adapt to what the new generating of game fans is looking for.
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