Egypt And Ethiopia

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Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to enlighten the reader on the implications and consequences of a war between Egypt and Ethiopia and its impact on the region and the fight against terrorism. In June 2006, Egyptian politicians proposed a series of hostile acts against Ethiopia due to Ethiopia's dam construction project on the Blue Nile during a televised political meeting (Stack, 2013). This menace to Ethiopia threatens to tear apart the unstable political stability of the Nile River Basin countries.
Thesis: Egypt's threat of military intervention in Ethiopian, if it continues with hydroelectric dams on the Nile river, is an indirect threat to the US political strategy in the Horn of Africa.

Paragraph 1:
Explain the reason for the Nile Wars and how the Egyptian and Ethiopian culture contribute to this issue. Discuss demographics, education, financial [in]stability, etc.

The Nile, once again, is at the center of political and economical tension between Ethiopia and Egypt. Both countries have a long history of rivalry which started long before the African colonization efforts by Great Britain, France, and Italy. Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs, considers the Nile theirs to use and decide how other countries utilize this resource. On the other hand, Ethiopia is also another great civilization long regarded as the birthplace of mankind and the domain of emperors with equal rights to this life giving source. Both sides have legitimate claims to the use of the Nile waters and are prepared to defend their claims with military force.

On April 2011, then Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zanawi, announced plans for a new project on the Blue Nile. The new project is the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) with a forecasted pro...

... middle of paper ... of Israel, an online newspaper, the US provided Egypt 71 billion dollars in assistance between 1948 and 2011; including 1.3 billion dollars in military assistance since 1987. In 1979, after the Egypt-Israeli peace treaty, Egypt became the second largest recipient of US foreign aid (Times of Israel, 2013). As a result, Egypt permits the US to fly supplies to American troops in the Gulf, allows troop and equipment through the Suez Cana, and cooperates regularly with US intelligence agencies (Times of Israel, 2013). On 9 October 2013, the US announced it will cut hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Egypt in response the July 2013 military coup (Times of Israel, 2013).

I believe the US should side with Ethiopia in the event of a war over the Nile River water. Egypt’s threat of war on Ethiopia due to its construction of dams on the Nile such as the GERD is a
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