Effects Of Positive Reinforcement On Student Behavior

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Problem to be Investigated This study investigates the effects of positive reinforcement on improving student behavior among first grade students. The study will use reinforcement to participants that do not comply with desired behaviors. Introduction and Overview There have been few studies conducted on positive reinforcement and student behaviors. This study will examine the effects of positive reinforcement on student behaviors. It is important for educators to gain compliance from students through positive means without negative connotations. The study will include 60 first grade students that will be randomly selected and divided into two groups for this experiment. There will be a control group and an experimental group consisting…show more content…
Positive reinforcement is a process that changes how often a behavior occurs. Presenting a motivating item to the person after the positive behavior occurs, the behavior will be more likely to happen in the future. Positive reinforcement adds something that will increase future probability of the behavior. Positive reinforcement can be a desired toy, candy or sensory manipulative. The presentation of the positive reinforcement, makes another event valuable. The positive reinforcement must be systematic and consistent and delivered immediately following the desired behavior. The reinforcement will be delivered continuously at first, and then more intermittently later. The materialist reward will be faded out to a simple verbal reinforcement after the effectiveness has guided the…show more content…
These behaviors are the way that teachers expect their students to engage during instruction. The behaviors can be observed, measured, and repeated. Student behavior needs to be clearly defined with specifically described actions and consequences. Describe what the positive behaviors look like and promote positive reinforcements to continue the appropriate student behaviors. There will be nothing subjective in the definition of a desired behavior. These student behaviors can be observed and shaped in a positive way using the reinforcement. Effectiveness- In this study, effectiveness will be measured by the students actively participating in a positive way. When the students are given a difficult or challenging task to complete, a reinforcer will be given if the challenging task is

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