Effects Of Homeschooling On Children

How does Homeschooling Affect Children? Is homeschooling going to hurt your child or benefit your child? Homeschooling is debated by many parents throughout the United States. Many parents believe that they can do a better job than public schools because the can utilize the many different styles of homeschooling which may be better for their children. Homeschooling is a better option than public schooling because children can learn more about what interests them, parents are the primary influence to their children, the students are more independent, families have more free time, children learn more effectively with many options, and children get to wear their pajamas. One of the biggest benefits that is associated with homeschooling is that children learn more about what interests them. In public school children are forced to spend a certain amount of time on each subject. Because public school is so structured, children often lose their love of learning. This leaves many parents with this question, “Is there an alternative way to educate our children that will respect their happiness and individuality, and will foster their growing love for learning?” (McReynolds 36). Many parents are turning to homeschooling because then their children can pursue what interests them. If children…show more content…
Some parents want their children to experience the class atmosphere. While growing up, Grace Burton was very involved in two different co-op groups, Christian Family Educators (CFE) and Cornerstone. According to Burton, the CFE co-op group offered her many experiences and friends she would not have had if she attended public school. CFE offered many class opportunities such as Drama, Art, Choir, etc. Therefore, homeschooled children are not losing any opportunities when it comes to the “fun school”

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