Effect of Shakespeare’s Language

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Norman Maclean once said “All there is to thinking is seeing something noticeable, which makes you see something you weren’t noticing, which makes you see something that isn’t even visible”. This is how people think about Shakespeare and see what is noticeable. If they looked long enough then they will see what is not visible to most; language and how it affects his writing. William Shakespeare in the story The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet achieves the effect of contrast through personification, antithesis, and dramatic irony to bring out the love and the hate, and the good and the bad. Shakespeare used antithesis to show the love and hate of Romeo and the good and the bad that the Friar sees in the plants. When talking to Benvolio, Romeo said, “Here is much to do with hate but more with love.”(1.1.172). This is the contrast between the hate between the families along with the love they share for fighting. Even though Romeo is only talking about the fight on the street the audience knows it is bigger then that. The friar while out in his garden is setting the scene with this line, “The grey-eyed morn smiles on the frowning night,” (2.3.1). This is the difference between the night and the day. Through this the audience knows it is dawn. The friar then moves on to compare the dangerous and wonders of nature and the plants, “With baleful weeds and precious-juiced flowers.” (2.3.8). This indicates the deathly plants yet they have flowers that can be helpful to man. While he is talking about the plants, the audience if paying attention compares this to Romeo and Juliet’s relationship. This demonstrates that the antithesis is greatly used to allow the audience to see both sides of the story. The personification of death allows the au... ... middle of paper ... ...s, /And death’s pale flag is not advanced there.” (5.2.95-96). Romeo not knowing she faked her death believes that death is holding her beauty still for his self. While the audience knows that she is waking up from the potion. Using dramatic Irony to tell a story keeps the audience on their seat and engaged in his writing. The effect achieved by his writing allowed the different feelings, emotions, and differences to be brought out. People who thought long enough could seethe literary terms that Shakespeare was using and get the word play. While people who think only enough can only see the underlying meaning of words and what they mean modernly. The people who only think enough to see what is on the surface only gets what the words are doing for the story. If Norman Maclean is right then people who can think about it can get what Shakespeare is trying to say.
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