Educational Goals and Philosophy

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Educational Goals and Philosophy There are several reasons why I want to be a teacher. One reason is that I love being around children. Another reason is that I love to see the look of amazement on child's face when they learn something new. I also love the look on their face when they discover that they can do what they just learned. During my observation, I met a little boy who had just moved back to West Virginia. This little boy is in the first grade and he has a learning disability. The class that I was observing was a special education class and I had the pleasure of helping the teacher with this little boy. The teacher thought that one of the best ways to help the little boy with his disability was to begin by playing games; we played games with flash cards, numbers, and the alphabet. The teacher asked him to spell his name with the alphabet cards, which he did, then she spread the cards out on the table and asked him to find the letter that she said. Each time he found the correct letter, his face would light up at the teachers praise. He was really excited when he found the "difficult letters". After watching the little boy I was just as excited as he was that he was doing a great job. Being a teacher would mean that I would have the opportunity to teach children new things everyday, and I would be able to share in their joy of learning. In my classroom I would use essentialism, the back to basics approach, I believe that all students should be taught the basic subjects. I would incorporate games into each subject so that the children will have fun while they learn. For example, we would play math bingo, and do crossword puzzles for reading. For science, I would have them bring leaves to class and then we could learn what type of leaf it is and what tree it came from. I think that if you make learning fun, a child will want to learn, they won't just look at it as something that they have to do. I also believe that the classroom environment contributes to the learning atmosphere.

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