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Edmund Spenser (c. 1552 in London , † January 13 1599 ) was an English poet , elder contemporary and one of the models of William Shakespeare .
• He was born in 1552 or 1553, the son of the tailor John Spenser and his wife Elizabeth, from Lincolnshire had come to London. Edmund attended Merchant Taylor's School , where the schoolmaster Richard Mulcaster tested a new educational idea. Mulcaster saw not only the Latin culture, but also the native language ie English, Education, to be important. Spenser studied from 1569 to 1576 at Pembroke College of Cambridge University .
Circa 1579 patronized him Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester , and introduced him to Sir Philip Sidney known. This year married Spenser, and anonymously published The Shepheardes …show more content…

Spenser is usually as a student and admirer of Geoffrey Chaucer , the author of the Canterbury Talesconsidered. However, Chaucer is stylistically rather attributable to the Christian Middle Ages, as well as Spenser himself with his style similar to Chaucer's work The Shepeardes Calender . Between ... "The Shepeardes Calender" and "The Faerie Queene" is a huge change in style , writes the art historian Camille Paglia . Chaucer is populist, Spenser is a representative of hierarchical. Chaucer's style is medieval, Catholic and wordy, is full of Gothic sway and flourishes. Spenser's epic is only superficially Christian , on closer inspection he rekurriere on style, content and perspectives of pagan antiquity . Particularly impressive to show this to the figure of the androgynous heroine Britomart who devotes Spenser a whole book within his epic, a Babylonian goddess who defeated all men, and with all their aggressive defense of chastity has a confusing sexual charisma with strong homoerotic touch. Unlike Chaucer, whose characters remain one-dimensional arrested their role, make Spenser's heroines and heroes in the course of the narrative complex changes and developments through, as Camille …show more content…

The rhyme scheme of the Spenserstrophe is ababbcbcc .
Example of The Faerie Queene. Book iii. Canto xi. 54th St. :
And as she lookt about, she did behold,
How did over same dore what Likewise

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