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Edmund Hillary was the first man, along with Tenzing Norgay, to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Edmund was one of the most impactful people to ever live. He was exceedingly humble, and always put others before him. He accomplished many expeditions, and was a very inspiring, thoughtful and recognized person.
Edmund Hillary was born to Gertrude and Percival Hillary on July 20th of 1919 in Auckland New Zealand. As a boy, he was shy and tended to be buried in books, so he thought of himself as a small and fairly lonely child. Edmund went to primary school in Tuakau, the village where he and his family lived. His mother wanted him to go to a city school, so he later attended secondary school at Auckland grammar school (Biography.com). By his …show more content…

Besides the well-known ascend of Mount Everest, he climbed 11 peaks over 20,000 ft. in the New Zealand Mountains, Alps, and the Himalayas (American Academy of Achievement). In 1954 Edmund led a New Zealand expedition to the Himalayas. When one of his men fell into a crevasse, being the heroic man he was, Hillary broke three ribs to save him (U.S History in context). Vivian Fuchs asked him to take part in the trans-Antarctic expedition in 1957-1958. His job was to set up supply dumps from Scott base to the South Pole. Hillary asked to use snow-cats to haul the supplies, but he had to use Ferguson farm tractors instead. After he made his last dump, he decided to keep going, and headed for the South Pole. On January 4, 1958 Hillary reached the South Pole with his three tractors. He was the first person to make it to the pole by land in 46 years (Biography in context). In 1968 he traveled the Nepal Rivers on a jet boat, and in 1977 he did the same up the Ganges to the Himalayas. In 1985 Hillary and the astronaut Neil Armstrong flew a small twin-engine plane to the North Pole. This made Edmund Hillary the first person to stand at both poles and the summit of Everest, or to complete “Third Pole” (Ibid). Throughout his Mountain climbing career, Edmund was always so motivated to succeed, and was never short of inspiring the people around …show more content…

Right after Everest, Hillary and Sir John Hunt published the book “the ascent of Everest (American Academy of Achievement). He also published a book based on his 1977 Ganges River expedition called “From the Ocean to the Sky”. Edmund was also extremely dedicated to helping the Sherpa people of Nepal, so he founded the Himalayan Trust. He built schools, hospitals, and transportation hubs in Nepal (Biography.com). He ended up building 30 schools, two hospitals, and 12 medical clinics in Nepal’s Khumbu region (Sir Edmund Hillary project of the rotary club of Mount Victoria). During the Trans-Antarctic Expedition in 1955-1958, Nepalese people were cutting down trees in their forest to provide fuel for the Mountaineers. Hillary was concerned about the Himalayan environment and was able to get the Nepalese government to pass laws to protect the forest. The law declared the area around Everest a national park, but the Nepalese couldn’t afford it, so Edmund persuaded the New Zealand government to help fund it (American Academy of Achievement). Edmund was always doing his best to make sure everyone was happy with the situation, and he never hesitated to put others needs before

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