Sun Jo's Peak: The Effects Of Selfishness In Peak

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Lizzie Gilmartin September 22, 2017 Green Summer Reading The Effects of Selfishness in Peak “What?” Sun-Jo was appalled at the fact that Peak had decided not to conquer the summit of Mount Everest. How could he give up such a glorifying moment? Peak would have been the youngest boy to ever reach the summit, however, he realized he didn’t want the fame. Sun-Jo was only a few days older than him, and if Sun-Jo reached the summit and Peak did not, he would be the youngest person to summit Everest. Also, Sun-Jo’s family was living on the other side of the mountain and he needed to get to the other side so that he could reconnect with his family. Since Peak avoided his mother’s advice to think of himself and only himself, he did not make it to the top. Many other characters, unlike Peak, were selfish and although it helped some, others were less fortunate. Josh, Peak’s father, was the most selfish of all. Peak and Josh never had much of a connection. Josh had always been focused on his business, Peak Experience, until he had a window of opportunity. Peak’s arrest was the perfect time for him to promote his company. Josh’s plan was to have Peak summit Everest and break the world record as the youngest person to ever reach the peak of Mount Everest.…show more content…
He was the sherpa that led Peak, Sun-Jo, and Holly up the summit. Although Zopa seemed straightforward, he could be an enigma at times. Zopa never did anything without multiple reasons, but most of the time, those reasons were not evident. For example, it seemed like Zopa was helping Josh because they were good friends. It seemed like he wanted Sun-Jo to see what working as a sherpa was like for his father too. Later in the climax, it became obvious that Zopa had a plan, and he was motivated to make it work. His selfishness allowed Sun-Jo to summit Everest and descend down the other side into freedom. So although he had his own ideas, his intentions had always been

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