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Should school be year round? Yes because they would have more time to learn, the teacher would have more time to teach, and not break. Students could will achieve more than what they been learning. They also would have time to study more skills then what they already have been learning and the past. Children could be in school for ten months straight learning what they need to learn to take them to the next year. The students probably would feel better by going to school year- round, Because they will know they achieve something great. Really that way they will be getting credits faster. And could go to work and won’t have to find any babysitters for their kids. They would know their children are at school learning what they need to benefits them in life. They would have more time learning with others and getting to know peoples. Sometime children learn better with other children. Teacher could make different activities so students could remember facts. The teacher could plan more basic stuff like reading, writing, math, social studies and science. Teachers could have more time to pr...

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