Edgar Allan Poe: Signature of a Genius

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Writing is a mirror of one's personality. When we write, we reveal a part of ourselves. We reveal our mind. We reveal our thoughts. If it is possible to exist, then it is possible to write, because writing is thinking, and thoughts are existence. This especially holds true to the mind of Edgar Allan Poe, who through writing time and time again about his love and loss through both poetry and general prose, generates the story of his life. In these pieces, not only does he create original plots, but deep within the fabric of these plots springs a background world of Poe's own life, deeper than any allegory he produces or any poem he completes. The dark corners of Poe's mind are distinctly represented in his entire work body. Experiences, mostly negative, are displayed as signs everywhere in each of his publications. Not everything is shown straight out, sometimes you have to search for hidden meaning. Sometimes, you have to think to understand thought. Intended or not, Poe left his imprint in "Annabel Lee," "The Tell-Tale Heart," and "Eldorado," all of which tell thrilling tales. Many read the bare surface of Poe's bold narratives, and not much else. There is a deeper meaning to the text which connects the dream world to reality.

Edgar Allan Poe's life can be summed up in just a few words: death, love, loss, sorrow, and mystery. What better way to express this than through a poem? Poe did exactly this in "Annabel Lee," made famous by its smooth flow and rhyme. The poem details a relationship between two young lovers. Annabel Lee, is killed by the envious high angels of heaven in order to destroy the love between herself and the narrator. However, this setback was evidently minor because their love still existed, and even thoug...

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.... Either way, the poem generalizes Poe's mysterious life quite nicely.

In final anyalysis, the work of Edgar Allan Poe has more meanings than those that meet the eye. Tragic events and gloomy details of his life are transcribed on paper, not clearly, but hidden in each of his publications. His stories can be viewed more as footprints rather than allegories: they are his footprints he left behind in the universe. His life story, all of his experiences, good and bad, influenced his writing in some way or another. Today, we can analyze this information and infer facts about Poe's life, much like detectives unveiling clues from the forgotten past, yet the past wasn't totally forgotten. Poe is gone now, but he is alive and well in our hearts today when we read his prose as well as poetry. His bold and powerful words are in essence the entire life of Edgar Allan Poe.
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