Computer Ethics and IT Security Policies in Companies

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The topic for week 3 of Computer Ethics was based upon an IT security policy in relation to a company’s ethics. The discussion board began with how training as well as education needs to be implemented throughout the business to ensure confidential information is not sent out without encryption or following other procedures put in place. This not only maintains the integrity of the company, but also makes the employees accountable as well. This can be accomplished by a well defined security policy and procedures which outlines the plan of action and the implementation. Many agreed a well documented plan needs to be kept updated as well as conveyed to the rest of the staff so everyone knows what their role is. In addition, Dawan pointed out that a security policy is a “living document” which is one that is forever changing to try and keep up with hackers. Many also agreed it is imperative everyone in the organization needs to be trained on the security policies at an organization. Another topic in the discussion was in reference to the impact the company’s culture as on security as well as computer ethics. Many agreed the culture of the company has an impact on the …show more content…

The longevity of the culture as well as managements views was discussed which can make it difficult for the culture to change. Several agreed many company cultures are hard to change, however can be accomplished with everyone on board including the management. Furthermore, many agreed changes can be positive and help provide a better environment for IT security policies. Dawan Ferguson gave an example of how her employer changed the culture by beginning the management and streamlining it down the chain. This not only proved to be effective but also unified everyone within the company with the new changes and many agreed with her on this

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