Eating Habits: The Side Effects Of Fast Food

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“I’ll take a Big Mac with large fries and a large strawberry milkshake... Oh and two apple pies,”! Imagine a person ordering this for their lunch every day. Never switching it up to a salad or anything healthy. Do not blame them. Fast food is delicious; it 's filling, also really affordable, and readily available at any time of the day. Some know the effects that fast food has on their body and so don’t. People, who become obese, often blame it on fast food, but is fast food the blame or is it consumer and their eating habits?Why is it that 79,725,000 Americans eats fast food daily(2012 Food & Health Survey)? Even though human are aware of the side effects of fast food, it is still eaten because it is convenient, inexpensive, pleasant taste.…show more content…
He was about five ­foot­ and ten inches, weighing 270 pounds. As a result of the fast food, Barber suffered injuries. He has had two heart attacks and is now a diabetic. His testimony states “They never explained to me what I was eating,” ( 1, Geraldine Sealey). He was eating about 5 meals of fast food each day not knowing that it contains fat, sugar, and salt. Excessive eating of fast food causes health problems like weight related illnesses, respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular illnesses, and diabetes. High ­calorie, unhealthy ingredients, and super portion sizes of fast food contributes to obesity and other diseases(246, Sturm). Waistlines are expanding, clothes aren’t fitting and now you need a new wardrobe. Why? People are gaining more and more weight each time they are eating fast…show more content…
Although, there is no cure, it could be prevented. Changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise, medication, and insulin injections, among others are ways to treat and control diabetes. However, people will have to strictly adhere to your diet and exercise routine so that you can keep your diabetes at bay. Meaning, since your diet will consist of you not eating fast food, don’t eat it. I know it may be hard, but you have to remember that fast food is why you’re doing what you’re doing now. Also means no slacking in your exercising. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re able to exercise at least once a day, without skipping any days. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines, it is recommended to exercise 60 minutes, three days out of

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