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Earnest Hemingway was well known as a strong writer, but what many readers of his do not know about is the inspiration he gained throughout his life and experiences that made him a very prolific writer. There are events in his life from childhood to adulthood that helped accustom to his very unique style of writing. Hemingway was a different kind of writer than others; he often used reoccurring words of specific diction in order to create an effect on the reader. Every single one of his books were based off of something, as Hemingway was not the type of writer who sat in a log cabin writing all day. Hemingway was a man of great experiences, and his life was full of many inspirations that had helped attribute to his novels and unique writing style. Every idea of his was based off of personal experience, which he found inspiring. This is what makes him such a unique and original writer in my mind, due to his amazing life experiences.

While Hemingway was growing up, he had a very unique mother who led a career path that most of his readers would not expect. Hemingway’s mother was a classically trained musician, who has studied lots of music throughout her life, mainly classical as I have stated but different types of music and styles as well. She would play concerts all across town and that was how she paid the mortgage for her and Hemingway while he was growing up. His mother would put so much work and enthusiasm into the music scene and industry all the time, telling Hemingway that he would be rewarded with success after significant amounts of work, which in this case helped him with his dedication and commitment to his writings by influencing him. Also, his mother had forced Hemingway into taking cello lessons as a chi...

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...y interesting writer, and his stories are very unique from other writers.

In conclusion, I feel like I have discovered truly why Hemingway writes about what he does and where he gets all his ideas from. I believe that all Hemingway has written about has been derived from nothing else but personal experience. I’ve learned that Hemingway has learned what he knows about writing and has developed his unique style through personal experience, whether it had been his times of romance, his childhood, and his times during the war, etc. He has learned on his own from living his own life; it is almost as if he would go out and find something interesting to do so that he would be inspired to write more. Earnest Hemingway in general just seems like the type of person who has many stories to tell; if he were still alive, he truly would be someone I would like to meet.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that earnest hemingway was a strong writer, but the inspiration he gained through his life and experiences made him prolific. he used reoccurring words of specific diction to create an effect.
  • Explains that hemingway's mother was a classically trained musician who paid the mortgage for her and influenced him with his dedication and commitment to writing.
  • Analyzes how hemingway's writing style and writing structure came from his parents, his high school education, and his first job as a journalist.
  • Analyzes how hemingway's world war 1 experience inspired the whole of a farewell to arms, in which he describes his opinions of war and love open minded while following the character henry.
  • Analyzes how hemingway's famous novel, a farewell to arms, is based off of his relationship with a nurse at the red cross hospital that he stayed at.
  • Concludes that all hemingway's writing has been derived from nothing else but personal experience. he is the type of person who has many stories to tell.
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