EGT1 Task 3

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The Board received a complaint on 04/02/2014 regarding patient Gloria Kinder from Dena Andrews who has a POA for health care matters on the patient. The complaint was regarding Dr. Negron taking over care of the patient after her primary care doctor retired. The complainant states that the doctor would not refill her potassium, did not do follow up labs, and would not care for the patient. I interviewed the complainant via telephone as I had made several attempts to contact her for interview but was unsuccessful. On 02/02/2015 Ms Dena Andrews was contacted and she advised that the patient was incarcerated in Vandalia at the women’s prison for theft and has been there since October 2014. Andrews stated that the main problem with the doctor was that he would not write prescriptions for potassium for the…show more content…
Negron was the original prescriber of the potassium and she told me that Dr. Valtos was her cardiologist and wrote the original prescription. Dr. Negron had been contacted on 12/08/2014 after I located him in Washington, Missouri at Mercy Hospital. He had relocated there in November 2014 and is a hospitalist and works 7p.m. to 7a.m. Med Staff had reviewed the complaint and had no questions for the doctor as he had sent the Board a letter dated 06/03/2014 which followed her care from 06/05/2013 to 03/11/2014 which was the last time the doctor saw her. The start date was verified in the medial records as Dr. Negron showed he first saw her on June 5, 2014 in his letter. Dr. Negron stated that Dr. Valtos was her cardiologist and was maintain her potassium and that Negron would fill it for her sometimes when she ran out. He stated that the practice has a 48 hour refill policy which he sent to the Board and that frequently the patient would run out, go to the pharmacy and call the office to have it refilled immediately. He advised her frequently of the policy and even refilled it for her sometimes, but she would not adhere to the
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