E-Waste Recycling Program

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INTRODUCTION Health is always considered the most important factor for human’s lives. Without health, we cannot do anything. There are many factors in daily activities that can affect your health such as food, drinks, soil, water, air, or we can say the environment around us. Because the environment plays a vital role to human’s’ health, we are trying to do everything to conserve the environment. However, there are still some activities that we might think they are safe for us and the environment; it they actually kills us in far the future. One of them is recycling electronics equipment. Nowadays, electronic waste (e-waste) is increasing rapidly in the US and many people know that they should not just throw e-waste in the garbage can because it can be delivered to the landfill, burned and leave over chemical substances into water underground . That is very dangerous because it might kill all the trees that groundwater feeds and it could get into our drinking water of us. Therefore, they just end up giving those broken electronics stuffs to an e-waste recycler without knowing where their e-waste will go. However, it was still not safe when you give those broken electronic equipment to e-waste recycler in the past due to not qualified process of recycling and labor safety. Now, E-Stewards Certification, a new recycling program, which is highly qualified for environment and worker safety, has come out. I’m going to discuss why it is dangerous to us before the E-Stewards Certification came out, the definition and the reliability of E-Stewards Certification. WHY IS RECYLING E-WASTE WITHOUT E-STEWARDS CERTIFICATION REALLY DANGEROUS TO US? There are about 40 million computers and televisions are discarded every year i... ... middle of paper ... ...es in the world have an e-Stewards label on their products, where is visible to consumers as well as locations where people can recycle their e-waste. One possible way is that I think in the future, scientist should come up with a new way to make electronics equipments that contains less chemical substances. Works Cited [1] Lyman, Francesca. (2010, May 6). The ever-changing Landscape of E-waste Recycling [Online]. Available: http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/environment/recycling/changing-e-waste-recycling-landscape [2] Reed, Amanda. (2010, May 13). The Latest in E-Waste Recycling: e-Steward Certification [Online]. Available: http://www.worldchanging.com/archives/011163.html [3] Lelanew. (2010, January 20). Electronics Recycling to Save the Environment [Online]. Available: http://hubpages.com/hub/How-to-Recycle-Your-Electronic-Equipment-and-Make-Money

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