Dyslexia and life

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For a long time, dyslexia has been causing many humans, especially children, to have learning difficulties. The World Federation of Neurologists define dyslexia as, "a disorder in children who, despite conventional classroom experience, fail to attain the language skills of reading, writing, and spelling commensurate with their intellectual abilities" ("Dyslexia," 2013). Sometimes the letter m might look like w, and the number 3 might look like 8; dyslexia basically makes it harder for people to improve their language abilities. This is the behavior I wish to change because of the many negative impacts it has on people's literacy skills and lives. Many dyslexic children have considerable disadvantages while reading out loud or taking exams, giving us incorrect assessments of their abilities. Frustrated by the lower results, many people with this disorder go into depression and low self-esteem, and end up learning harmful behaviors (could be drinking alcohol) to cope with their problems. It is very important to change dyslexia, so that people will not fall behind and jeopardize their futures.
Scientists are not exactly sure with what actually triggers dyslexia; however, there are some possible answers. First of all, in very rare cases, people get dyslexia from trauma or stroke after birth ("What is Dyslexia?" 2013). This causes the brain cells to die, and the patient may unexpectedly begin to struggle to read, write, or speak. Secondly, the person with dyslexia is using his or her right hemisphere instead of the left. The left hemisphere deals with separating words in a sentence, matching letters with their sounds, and comprehending grammar. The right hemisphere is responsible for different tasks, and causes language deficiencie...

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...fficult for many people to read, write, or to even speak; it has been giving us wrongful interpretations of these particular individuals' language abilities. Problems in the magnocellular pathways and cerebellum can cause genetic disorders, the brain cells to die, and the wrong hemisphere to work; these issues can trigger dyslexia whenever people begin to read, write, or speak. Therapy and intervention can be used, without punishment, to reduce this behavior. We have to change dyslexia, so that dyslexics can show us their real abilities.

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