Dylan Klebold: The Columbine High School Massacre

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On April 20,1999, the small community of Littleton, Colorado was shaken to its core. It was a normal day that day, but today, we now know and call it “The columbine High School massacre”. 15 students, including the shooters Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris died, while 24 others were injured. The biggest question is why did Dylan and Eric do it? What caused them to mentally want to take others lives? Where was the signs? Dylan Klebold was a 17 years old depressive. He didn’t seem he wanted to kill as much as he wanted to die. He was suicidal, and his parents were aware of the struggle. When Dylan was caught and suspended, his parents took action to correct his behavior. In Dylan’s journals, his were less aggressive, and more filled with compassion. Dylan also seemed to be the more intelligent one. He seemed to be the planner, as Eric was more of the …show more content…

They enjoyed video games, worked together and even had multiple common friends. Klebold and Harris just seemed to go together. Both felt like they didn’t belong except Dylan had a little humanity as to where Eric didn’t. Many recall the incident with the school lockers, even after their punishment, they remained the best of friends. What made them decide to kill 13 people? They fueled one another weakness. Both were bullied, Dylan was depressed and wanted to die, Eric was anger,and wanted to punish others to death before his own death. The pair made a deadly combination. In conclusion, April 20,1999 became known as one of the horrific school shootings. It is never forgotten, and 17 years later, people still ask why. Only Dylan and Eric can answer that question. What we do know is, this tragedy could have possibly been avoided had Dylan and Eric gotten better help. Schools have more policies to keep students safe now. Dylan and Eric’s action will forever haunt the small community, and leave questions unanswered. They simply paved a new path for safer

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